Sunflower Lanyard Program

Sydney WorldPride is proud to be supporting the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities Program across our events and offering free lanyards to people living with hidden disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.

The Sunflower Program is a globally recognised symbol for hidden or non-obvious disabilities. By wearing the Sunflower Lanyard, it enables people with hidden disabilities the choice to let the people around them know, so they have access to any support they may need such as additional help, understanding, empathy, guidance, or patience. This may mean the person can’t stand for a long time in the queue to use the bathroom, may need the use of an accessible bathroom, patience when their order is being taken, may need fast-tracked support, more time to move around (i.e. due to pain or mobility challenges) or can feel overwhelmed, sensory overload or stressed out in large crowds and loud environments. 

Examples of disabilities and/or conditions of people with hidden disabilities vary greatly but could include people with chronic pain and/or auto-immune conditions (such as lupus, endometriosis, long covid, ehlers danlos syndrome and MS), those who are neurodivergent (such as those who are autistic or have ADHD), are D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, have Low vision, are Blind, are amputees, have psychosocial disabilities (such as bipolar, anxiety,  schizophrenia, etc), neurological conditions (such as epilepsy, Tourette’s and Alzheimer’s), learning disabilities (such as dyslexia and auditory processing disorder) or those varying levels of mobility challenges.

It is important to never judge a person’s disability or health status based simply on their appearance. The Sunflower Lanyard helps to reduce this judgment.

A close up photograph of a persons chest. They’re wearing a white T-shirt and a green lanyard with sunflowers on it - it is the lanyard used in the Sunflower Lanyard Program.

Where to get a Sunflower Lanyard

Existing Lanyards:

If you already have an existing Sunflower Lanyard from a previous community event or program, please bring it along and wear it to any and all Sydney WorldPride events you are attending, and they will be accepted. This ensures eco-friendly practices, which Sydney WorldPride proudly takes part in, to reduce our waste and be as carbon neutral as possible.

Pickup Points:

If you don’t already have a Sunflower Lanyard, you are more than welcome to pick up one from one of the following our Official Major Events point-up points where a volunteer or staff member will be able to assist you.

حدثSunflower Pickup Point
Pink Salt (Newcastle Event)With Drag Kings and Queens at the entrance
Marri Madung Butbut (Many Brave Hearts) – First Nations Gathering SpaceFront of House ticket booth
قرى الفخرInfo Booth at Taylor Square (available from the 17th Feb)
The Domain events: Live and Proud; Domain Dance Party; and Rainbow RepublicGuest Services booth (external – central avenue) + information Booth (internal)
Town Hall eventsDoor C – Druitt Street
Human Rights Conference (Sydney International Convention Centre – ICC)Registration desk – ground floor
Blak & Deadly – The Sydney Opera HouseStage Door – Under the Opera House Monumental Staircase
بوندي بيتش الطرفBox Office
مسيرة الفخرInformation Area

Remember, Sunflower Lanyards are globally accepted and are reusable at all events and venues (beyond Sydney WorldPride!) and we encourage all users to keep their lanyards for any and all future events, programs, services, and beyond which accept the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities Program.

To learn more about the Hidden Disabilities program, visit their website at the link here:

الاعتراف بالبلد

سيقام سيدني وورلد برايد على أراضي شعب جاديجال وكاميراغال وبيدجيغال وداروغ وداراوال الذين هم الحراس التقليديون لحوض سيدني.

نحن نقدم احترامنا لكبار السن في الماضي والحاضر. كان دائما دائما ستكون أراضي السكان الأصليين.

ينحدر السكان الأصليون وسكان جزر مضيق توريس من العديد من العشائر والمجتمعات المختلفة في جميع أنحاء أستراليا ، وفي عام 2023 سيجتمعون كواحد ، للاحتفال مع مجتمع LGBTQIA + العالمي.