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Fri Feb 17 - Sun Jul 2


Fri Feb 17 - Sun Jul 2

Fri Feb 17 - Sun Jul 2

Fabulously fierce! Experience LGBTQIA+ Sydney, from fighting for our lives, to defiantly queer Mardi Gras.

Drawing from the City of Sydney’s archives, Jacqui North curates this exhibition. Experience life as seen through the lens of C. Moore Hardy and other social documentary and queer photographers.

Celebrating 45 years of community-led social change, Liberate! provides insight into significant social issues and events. Witness the creation of queer organisations and world-leading HIV education campaigns; the thirteen-year struggle for marriage equality and the historic and monumental win.

C. Moore Hardy writes, “We fought for human rights whilst being abused on the streets. As Australians, we have many rights, although we need to stay vigilant.” Featuring lesbian, First Nations, trans and gender-diverse communities, the photographs in this exhibition reveal “the vibrancy, diversity, subversiveness and fabulousness of queer life and community” says C. Moore Hardy.

Come and share dance floor memories and chant with us at all our rallies; and support today’s drive for freedom of gender expression against attempts to discriminate and divide.

“Wonderful memories. We were so lucky, I made many of the closest friends of my life.” – Rob Patmore, Mardi Gras President, 1995

“‘Stop police attacks on gay, women and blacks’ was a very regular chant… It was mass defiance it was exhilarating…but we were marching into danger.” – Dianne Minnis, lesbian 1978er, First Mardi Gras

On Samstag 18 Februar meet the artists, activists, and creatives at a panel discussion. Share the history-making moments in the city and streets where it all took place.

Exhibition Creative Producer: Jacqui North
Exhibition Design: Leveur Design
Image: Lesbians as Lemons, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, 1997, C.Moore Hardy, City of Sydney Archives, A-00065692

Opening Hours:
Montag to Samstag 9am to 8pm
Sundays 9am to 5pm

Eintrittskarten : Kostenlos
31 Alfred Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Level building access entrance: +3 steps to front entrance or use 2 ramps with handrails. +7 steps to the rear entrance. +There is a lift inside the building. +1 mobility parking space at 45-54 Pitt Street, Sydney, around 300m from the venue.

Heritage listed, Customs House sits on the harbour shoreline at Circular Quay. It houses a public library with a collection of over 50,000 items. Use our relaxed lounge areas to read, chill and recharge. We also have spaces available to study, meet and work. At the tourist information desk, you can ask about maps, brochures, and information about activities to enjoy in the city. While you’re here, plan your own self-guided walking tour. Some start at Customs House.

Recommended for age 15 years and up


Fri Feb 17
Sun Jul 2
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Stadt Sydney
02 9242 8551
Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter, um aktuelle Veranstaltungshinweise, Headliner-Ankündigungen und Benachrichtigungen über zukünftige Ticketveröffentlichungen zu erhalten.

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Anerkennung des Landes

Der Sydney WorldPride findet auf dem Land der Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Bidjigal, Darug und Dharawal statt, die die traditionellen Hüter des Sydney-Beckens sind.

Wir zollen den Ältesten der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart unseren Respekt. Es war immer und wird immer Aborigine-Land sein.

Die Aborigines und Torres-Strait-Insulaner kommen aus vielen verschiedenen Clans und Gemeinschaften in ganz Australien und werden 2023 zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam mit unserer weltweiten LGBTQIA+-Gemeinschaft zu feiern.