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Mardi Gras Sissy Ball

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Mardi Gras Sissy Ball

Sa 4. März @ 18:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr


Sa 4. März @ 18:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr

Sa 4. März @ 18:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr

Do not purchase tickets from any unauthorised resellers like Viagogo or Gumtree.

Werden Sie Zeuge, wie die Königlichen, die Hinreißenden und die Revolutionäre auf dem Sissy Ball gegeneinander antreten. Wer wird seine 10er nehmen und wer wird abgehängt? Alles wird enthüllt, wenn legendäre Häuser aus der ganzen Welt auf Australiens größtem Modeball gegeneinander antreten.

Amidst the harsh realities that the transgender community faces in Australia, vogue families were born across the country out of safety and necessity.

Sissy Ball was formed in 2019, to unite the scenes with Aotearoa and celebrate their survival by forging new realities with joy, embodiment and of course, fantasy.

Overcoming this darkness, this year we’re going global for WorldPride – bringing all the girls from around the world to claim the runway at the grand Sydney Town Hall.

Who will make a name for themselves, bring honour to their house, serve it to the judges and make you eat it? All will be settled on the floor at Australia’s biggest vogue ball. Returning to continue her reign as Curator for the fifth annual Ball, the legendary Kilia Tipa will bring an esteemed panel of international judges Down Under.

Richter, Ihre Wertungen bitte.

This is an 16+ event.

Eine Gruppe von 5 Personen, die sich auf dem Laufsteg eines Sissy Balls modellieren

Categories and walker registrations

Registrations to walk in Mardi Gras Sissy Ball are now open, closing 11pm AEDT Montag 27 Februar.

OTA FACE $1000
presented by MECCA MAX
Every groom nervously waits to unveil the person they will spend forever with. Incorporate a moment to reveal your splendid beauty in your 10’s. Will your reveal make our judges say ‘I do’ or simply run-away. You can pick out your own theme but all wedding dresses must resemble white and tux’s must be black! Meet you at the alter.

This category is for everyone! From winners, beginners, old way and new way! But there is only one winner! Dress to impress with 50% or more of your respective colour! Who will bring it like no one else?

  • old way (black sequence)
  • new way (patent red)
  • vf winners/trophies (sheer nude)
  • vf beginners or no trophy
  • (either of the above)

Heartbreak high is fictional but we need you to keep it 100% real. There are two categories! Public and private school realness! Who will put their name on the map? The area or the upper echelon! Pick one and make it clear because you will be judged on how well you pull it off aswell as your overall realness. Lastly, uniforms will be inspected, no mufti allowed. Show us what realness is.

Sexual seduction from the screen to the stage. Recreate an iconic moment from a sexy film or videoclip for your 10’s. Like marilyn or maxwell. Perform the scene for us to enjoy and make it your own with actors and/or music etc but above all else, keep it sexy stupid!

presented by Vogue Australia
Last years runway category was late! To all virgins, now’s your time to snatch a trophy and bring glory back to this category! Show the old girls that you too can wipe the floor clean! Your effect must incorporate a train so you can drag these bitches for sleeping on you. Now walk for me!

So you think you can commentate? The best of all time have all three! Rhythm, personal style and vocal impact. You’re gonna need to get your tens by yourself, but you have one lifeline if you need to make it hot! You can bring a bad bish with you to step-in one time during a battle like tag team. Choose very wisely for you will either rise or fall. So commentate!

Femme queen performance is back! It’s time to show us what you’ve been working on! Inspired by an iconic look performed in by the sexy performance diva, the legendary Asia! Give us laid hair, snatched face, stunty heels and nails to claw the competition! Do you vogue in the language of cvnt?

Petite, athletic, curvy, big. The category is body and the issue is reclaiming playboy magazine! You must bring it in a playboy bunny inspired look and serve it for the judges and everyone to see. Exaggerate your best and most beautiful assets. This is a celebration of all feminine bodies but everything must be sitting right! This is not sex siren, this is body!

You are creative and have cvnty dips! This category is perfect for you! The rules are simple! Don’t be late! Its an automatic chop if you miss a crash honey! For your 10’s you will have 2 counts of 8 and use every crash to show us your best dips. In your battles you will do the same (right goes first) and then we’ll go into a speed round dipping alternatively on every crash until we count down! Can you keep up? Cvntiest dips win!

Virgin = no trophies or wins in the same category.

Karten ab: $65
Gadigal Land

Rathaus von Sydney

483 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australien

Wheelchair Access, Language non-barrier

18+ Veranstaltung

Moshtix Australien


Sa Mar 4 @ 6:00 pm
Sa Mar 4 @ 11:00 pm
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Anerkennung des Landes

Der Sydney WorldPride findet auf dem Land der Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Bidjigal, Darug und Dharawal statt, die die traditionellen Hüter des Sydney-Beckens sind.

Wir zollen den Ältesten der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart unseren Respekt. Es war immer und wird immer Aborigine-Land sein.

Die Aborigines und Torres-Strait-Insulaner kommen aus vielen verschiedenen Clans und Gemeinschaften in ganz Australien und werden 2023 zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam mit unserer weltweiten LGBTQIA+-Gemeinschaft zu feiern.