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Fri Feb 17 - Sat Feb 25


Fri Feb 17 - Sat Feb 25

Fri Feb 17 - Sat Feb 25

Phillip Adams, Australian maverick of contemporary dance presents Triptych, a divine intervention of queer crucifixions inspired by Francis Bacon’s triptych paintings (1944–1986). Bacon’s use of life and death, beauty and violence, civilisation and barbarism are where Adams draws parallels, as the work comes to symbolise more than the historic and religious event itself. Triptych celebrates the cultural kitsch of Christian spirituality and transforms its heteronormative iconography with a queer veneer.

Adams creates choreographic abstractions of Bacon’s crucifixions: dancers enact duets of physical detachment and violent tremors that evoke the spectacle of horror – a distinguishing feature of Bacon’s oeuvre. Amidst a sphincter-sex-sling installation, performers portray Bacon’s theatrical and surreal imaginariums of the crucifixion in a Disney-esque, porn-like ballet parody of penetrations. This evocative subject matter will be presented in-the-round at Sydney’s most unadulterated and immediate performance chamber, Phoenix Central Park.

An artistic photograph of a man in a metallic gold suit, with no shirt mid contemporary dance move. Credit 3 Deep with George Antoni
3 Deep with Georges Antoni

Choreography and Artistic Director: Phillip Adams
Performers: Harrison Hall, Samuel Harnett-Welk, Benjamin Hurley, Oliver Savariego, Alexandra Dobson
Set Design: Paul Yore and Devon Ackerman
Costume Design: Toni Maticevski
Composers: David Chisholm, Duane Morrison
Videography: James Wright

Note: Tickets are free and allocated by ballot

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49 O'Connor St Chippendale, NSW 2008 Australia

Phoenix is wheelchair accessible and has level access to the main performance space (The Nest) via the main entry door on O’Connor Street. Access to the Stage Level (B1) and mobility restrooms (B2) is available via a lift. Phoenix has limited seating, please arrive early if you need to sit down for the duration of the performance. They encourage anyone with specific mobility needs to contact them ahead of the show so they can ensure comfortable, unimpeded enjoyment of performances. [email protected]

Phoenix Central Park is Sydney’s newest contemporary performance space promoting genuine artistic risk-taking and unique collaborations that are as bold as the building’s multi-award-winning architecture. As the singular vision of philanthropist Judith Neilson AM, well-known as the founder and owner of Sydney’s prized White Rabbit Gallery, Phoenix serves as a creative beacon for adventurous artists and audiences alike.

This performance is only suitable for patrons 18 years or older, nudity and explicit content.


Fri Feb 17
Sa., 25. Februar
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Anerkennung des Landes

Der Sydney WorldPride findet auf dem Land der Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Bidjigal, Darug und Dharawal statt, die die traditionellen Hüter des Sydney-Beckens sind.

Wir zollen den Ältesten der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart unseren Respekt. Es war immer und wird immer Aborigine-Land sein.

Die Aborigines und Torres-Strait-Insulaner kommen aus vielen verschiedenen Clans und Gemeinschaften in ganz Australien und werden 2023 zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam mit unserer weltweiten LGBTQIA+-Gemeinschaft zu feiern.