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These are some of our frequently asked questions below. We will be continually adding to these so please check back soon.

When is Sydney WorldPride?

Sydney WorldPride takes place from 17th Feb to 6th March 2023.

Where will it be?

While the hub of the festival will be Sydney and its immediate surrounds, the intention is to host a variety of satellite events that will also take place further afield.

Is it part of Mardi Gras?

SGLMG and SWP are two completely separate organisations, however, they are working together in some key areas. Sydney WorldPride and the 2023 Mardi Gras Festival will run during the same period and there will be some co-branded events.

How is Sydney WorldPride different to Mardi Gras?

WorldPride 2023 is an international event licenced by Interpride, an association of members from pride groups all around the world. WorldPride events are held in a different country every few years. Sydney WorldPride will have a global focus in the Asia-Pacific region and will incorporate multi-nation participation.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Ltd is a Sydney based, incorporated organisation with a board of directors. It is responsible for organising the annual Mardi Gras Festival in Sydney, as well as supporting other events and organisations within the LGBTQI+ community.

How can I get involved?

We’re happy to welcome volunteers. Tell us how you want to help and what skills you have.

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We’ll contact you once we begin preparations for the event.

How are we acknowledging First Nations people?

Sydney WorldPride is employing a First Nations Engagement Officer who will be part of our team and will have a key role in advising us on how we can honour and include First Nations people. Sydney WorldPride will also be employing a First Nations Creative Director who will be on the executive team. Both roles will play an integral role throughout the planning and execution of the event. Sydney WorldPride 2023 will include a significant level of Indigenous content.

How can we participate if we can’t get to Sydney?

There will be a sophisticated, extensive digital component that will deliver the festival to a global audience. This will include a platform that will enable engagement from users across the globe. Implementation of this platform will include: live streaming, a mobile app, website, and integrated experiences.

Will all LGBTQI+ groups be represented?

Yes. Sydney WorldPride and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are both inclusive organisations. We will consult with all groups to ensure respectful representation and inclusion. This event is for the whole community.

Will there be disability access?

Yes. There will be physical access to events for people of all abilities, and remote capabilities for those who can’t attend in person.