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There will be many opportunities to be involved with Sydney WorldPride 2023. We will regularly update this page with opportunities to participate, including volunteering at official events. More information will be available at a later date.  Keep an eye on this page or sign up to our newsletter here to be the first in the know about how you can participate in Sydney WorldPride 2023.

Photo: Alexis Deslaurniers-Lea
Image: Sarah Ward, F*ck Fabulous, A Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Arts Centre Melbourne Commission 

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Current opportunities

EOI: Sports Festival Events for Sydney WorldPride 2023

Sydney WorldPride 2023 invites Expressions of Interest from LGBTIQ+ community sports organisations for inclusion in the Sydney WorldPride Festival Program. These events may include tournaments, exhibitions, and other engagement activities, as presented by the sports organisations applying.

The Sydney WorldPride Festival will include compelling, bold and adventurous ideas that reflect the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ communities and encourage participation by all LGBTIQ+ people. The program of events will aim to ensure that all LGBTIQ+ communities are included and represented.

Sydney WorldPride understands how important sporting and team sports are to our communities and want to include as many events and activities for participation and engagement as possible. These events may have a local, national or international lens.

We encourage all LGBTIQ+ sporting organisations who have an event that they would like to have included in the festival to apply through this process.

In addition to inclusion in the official program of events for Sydney WorldPride, this EOI outlines an opportunity for a small offer of financial assistance if needed for your sporting event.

If your event is successful it will be considered an official Sydney WorldPride Festival event and you will be provided with a logo pack and guidelines for you to use in marketing your event. Sydney WorldPride will also include the event in any marketing/official guides relating to the festival.

More details and application below.

Lighting Design & Operation RFQ

Sydney WorldPride is seeking an itemised quotation for the provision of Lighting Design and Lighting Operation of Sydney WorldPride’s signature events in 2023.


Wed 20 Oct 2021
Lighting Design & Operation RFQ opens

Mon 8 Nov 2021
Lighting Design & Operation RFQ closes (3wks) 

Fri 19 Nov 2021
Lighting Design & Operation Supplier/s appointed

Fri 3 Dec 2021
Lighting Design & Operation Supplier/s contracted

Applications now closed.

Sports Projects

Selection criteria

Projects will be assessed by a panel including comprised of the Festival Producer, a member from the SWP engagement team and Creative Director/s. Six main criteria will be used.

Relevance: Within the context of an LGBTIQ+ Festival to whom is the event for? Does the event contribute to the broader vision and values of SWP, which are:

  • We listen to a range of views
  • We have the courage to challenge ourselves and our partners
  • We are genuinely curious about the needs and desires of others
  • We behave with respect and integrity
  • We embrace diversity


Engagement: How does this event promote engagement with and participation from the LGBTIQ+ communities?

Inclusivity and Access:  How inclusive is this event? Who is invited to participate as either players or spectators? Does this event include, welcome and celebrate a diverse range of members of our communities? Does the organisation have policies and procedures relating to diversity and inclusion?

Impact: What impact will the event have and on who? What legacy does it create?

Viability: Does the event have the right partners and resources (financial or otherwise) to make it viable and successful? Does the application demonstrate planning?

Track record of applicant: What experience does the applicant have in relation to the proposed project or with similar past projects?

What is the financial assistance opportunity?

As part of the EOI, LGBTIQ+ community sports organisations can apply for financial assistance of up to $10,000 (ex GST) from Sydney WorldPride based on the event budget and needs.

This financial assistance can be used for any stage of the event (ie. sporting field/venue hire, uniforms, marketing etc).

How to apply

Please read the FAQs below to ensure that this opportunity is right for you and then fill in the application form. We recommend that you answer your questions in a word document then cut and paste into the online form below. You should fill in the form in one session as it cannot be saved and returned to.

Should you have any access requirements to support your application please let us know via

Reporting requirements

If you project is successful in receiving funding, pre-event updates and a post-event report must be submitted.

Pre-event requirements (but not limited to):

  • Collaboration with SWP on your event dates
  • All marketing materials with the SWP logo must be approved by SWP prior to publication
  • Quarterly updates of confirmed numbers of unique participants showing postcodes and/or country of residence


Post-event requirements will include (but not limited to):

  • Photos of the project
  • Project outcomes (eg. how was the activity enhanced with the SWP funding, what was the highlight of the activity due to the funding, etc)
  • How was the project marketed using the SWP logo/brand (including digital reach numbers) and any other marketing or media coverage
  • A participants report which includes emails, postcodes and/or country of residence for all participants at each event (participants, entourage, officials, support staff, etc.)
  • An attendees report (for events with ticketed attendees) which includes emails, postcodes and/or country of residence for all attendees at each event
  • Number of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander participants



Thursday 30 September 2021: Online information session
Friday 1 October 2021: Applications open
Friday 19 November 2021: Applications close at 05:00pm (AEST)
Week commencing 22 November: Applications assessed by SWP panel
Week commencing 29 November: Selected projects confirmed and notified 


The Sydney WorldPride 2023 Festival will stretch across Greater Sydney and include at least one regional activation. The dates for the Festival are from Feb 17 until March 5 2023. 

The program will include performance, literature, digital art, visual arts, public art, food, fashion, film, parties, music, history, sports, community events and other arts and cultural experiences that reflect our diverse LGBTIQ+ communities with a strong focus on First Nations peoples and the Asia Pacific

This opportunity is for events that take place in Greater Sydney.

Yes, your event should take place within the Festival dates. We will work with you to schedule your event taking into consideration the rest of the program, but the preference is that your event takes place between Monday 20 February 2023 – Friday 24 February 2023.

The maximum amount of financial support is $10,000 (exclusive of GST) per event/organisation. It is expected that the event has other sources of income which could include grants, ticketing, private donations or your own contribution. You are required to submit a budget with your proposal.

If selected we will work through a timeline with you, however the first lot of funds will not be available until Jan 2022. This timeline will form part of the contracting process.

No, there is no registration fee for not-for-profit LGBTIQ+ community sports organisations, whether you apply for funding or not. For profit projects or those who generate a revenue from ticket sales will be assessed on a case by case basis and negotiated through the contracting process.

If through the process we decide that we want to support the project at a lesser amount than what has been requested we will discuss this with you.

Yes, the Sydney WorldPride Festival team will discuss other opportunities with you following the selection of events to be supported through this EOI

No, this is the only opportunity for financial assistance for sporting events. For creative projects we currently have an EOI open and we anticipate another opportunity to apply for investment in to Creative Projects in 2022.

In 2022 we will be launching an application process for inclusion in the Sydney WorldPride 2023 Program.

SWP will open an EOI for events to be included in the Festival Program in 2022 and you can apply through this process. No further financial assistance will be available for sporting events.