Conference Agenda

Join us on a three-day exploration of LGBTQIA+ human rights as we journey from where we are now to our legacy of change and shaping our vision for the future.

In Plenary Sessions, we will all come together in the Darling Harbour Theatre to view mainstage sessions, including Conference keynotes.

Break-Out Sessions will be held concurrently across five rooms, and provide an opportunity for more intimate discussions, workshops, roundtables and population-specific sessions.

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Day one

The vision of the world we want to create and barriers to change

Morning Plenary Sessions
Welcome to Country
Welcome from Sydney WorldPride, InterPride and Equality Australia
United Nations Independent Expert on SOGI: Where are we now? A global perspective on LGBTQIA+ human rights
Regional Spotlights: Australia (First Nations), Pacific, South Asia, South-East Asia, North Asia, Central Asia, Caribbean, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
Morning Break-Out Sessions: Speed Keynotes
Fairness and safety in our legal system, including:
o   Policing and First Nations justice
o   Responding to asexual hate crimes
o   Protecting trans people in prison
The future of inclusive sport, including:
o   Responding to threats to trans and gender diverse inclusion
o   Human rights violations against intersex athletes
o   Tackling homophobia and biphobia in sport
Realising the right to health
Art as politics
Digital security & LGBTQIA+ rights in Asia
Economic empowerment for LGBTQIA+ communities
Follow the money: Who’s funding the anti-LGBTQIA+ movement?
Afternoon Break-Out Sessions: Panels
Claiming our space: Resisting racism, erasure and ableism in our movement
Resourcing LGBTQIA+ movements for success
Community responses to mental health challenges
Recognition and support for rainbow families
Protecting the rights of intersex people in medical settings through law reform
Afternoon Plenary Sessions
Decolonisation, sovereignty and justice in Asia Pacific


Case studies, skills, and strategies for success

Morning Plenary Sessions
Welcome to Country
Making regional institutions work for our communities
Bodily autonomy: A fundamental right
Keeping the faith: Creating an affirming future for sexual and gender diverse people in religious communities
Morning Break-Out Sessions: Networking, Workshops and Panels
Facilitated roundtable networking:
o   Intergenerational learning
o   Protecting our rights at work
o   How can corporates move beyond pinkwashing?
o   Working with National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs)
o   Yarning about healthcare successes
o   Academics and researchers contributing to the movement 
o   Strengthening community care: A collective response to sexual violence
o   Community responses to domestic and family violence
o   People First: How community can accelerate the end of HIV transmission
o   Pride across the globe: Protest and international solidarity
o   Protecting LGBTQIA+ people in war zones and conflict situations
o   Messages that win: framing your campaign for success
o   Best practices in strategic litigation
o   Movement building across the globe
o   Leveraging the UN Human Rights system to effect positive change
o   Community wellbeing and trauma informed practice
Afternoon Plenary Sessions
Beyond pinkwashing
LGBTQIA+ representatives effecting change from within

Day Three

Our legacy for the future

Morning Plenary Sessions
Welcome to Country
Failure to act: The impact of the global “refugee crisis” on displaced LGBTQIA+ people around the world
What is a Special Envoy and why do we all need one?
Morning Break-Out Sessions: Panels
Advancing laws for LGBTQIA+ equality in Asia Pacific
Ending conversion practices: A global conversation
Building an intersectional and inclusive movement for gender equality
Embedding LGBTQIA+ rights in sustainable development
Ageing fabulously: Meeting the needs of our ageing communities
Afternoon Break-Out Sessions: Panels
International human rights law achieving outcomes for our communities
Workplace inclusion: Threats and opportunities
Inclusion squared: Breaking down barriers surrounding the LGBTQIA+ disability community
Strengthening our movements: Solidarity and intersectionality
We are the rainbow: Intersectionality and collaboration for LGBTQIA+ children’s rights
Afternoon Plenary Sessions
Young and queer: Standing proud in the face of hate
The road ahead for our movements

Riconoscimento del paese

Il Sydney WorldPride si svolgerà nelle terre dei Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Bidjigal, Darug, Dharawal che sono i Custodi Tradizionali del Bacino di Sydney.

Portiamo il nostro rispetto ai loro anziani passati e presenti. Sempre è stata e sempre sarà la terra degli aborigeni.

Gli aborigeni e gli abitanti delle isole dello Stretto di Torres provengono da molti clan e comunità diverse in tutta l'Australia e nel 2023 si riuniranno come uno solo, per celebrare con la nostra comunità globale LGBTQIA+.