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Conferenza sui diritti umani WorldPride di Sydney

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Conferenza sui diritti umani WorldPride di Sydney

Mer 1 marzo - ven 3 mar

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Mer 1 marzo - ven 3 mar

Mer 1 marzo - ven 3 mar

Sydney WorldPride will host the largest LGBTQIA+ Human Rights Conference ever to be held in the southern hemisphere.

Join us on a three-day exploration of LGBTQIA+ human rights, as we journey from where we are now to our vision for the future.

The Conference will be immersive and fast-paced, taking place in multiple spaces across three levels of Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC). The program will combine inspiring keynotes, panels and roundtables with interactive workshops, performances and facilitated networking events.

This will be the largest convergence of human rights defenders, community members, government and political representatives, philanthropists and corporate leaders committed to LGBTQIA+ rights ever held in Asia Pacific.

Together, this Conference will be an opportunity to help create a world that is safe, free and equal for everyone – no matter who we love, who we are or what sex characteristics we were born with.

Who is Presenting?

There will be over 60 local and international presenters, including LGBTQIA+ campaigners and activists, First Nations leaders and elders, policy and law makers, elected officials, researchers and academics.

Icons of our movements, pride leaders and change-makers will present and inspire, including trans and gender diverse people, First Nations people and grass-roots campaigners.

Our presenters hail from all corners of the globe, from the Caribbean and North America to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

Who Will Be There?

The Conference is open to all: activists and academics, lawyers and law makers, as well as professionals and students. But above all, it is for our community and our allies.

This is a unique opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to hear stories from those with lived experience as LGBTQIA+ people.

Together, we will celebrate the wins, regenerate from the losses, and organise for the challenges ahead.

Explore the ticketing options, including keynote day passes starting from $25+BF and the opportunity to stream the conference for free – click here.

Note: This event is also eligible under our MobTix (click here) program.

Tickets from: $25
14 Darling Drive Darling Harbour, NSW 2000 Australia


Mer 1 marzo
Ven 3 marzo
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Important Event Information

Age restrictions

  • This event is appropriate for people aged 16 and over.
  • People aged 16-17 are recommended to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. People aged 15 years or under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Not recommended for people under 15, as the content is unsuitable for children.


  • The Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference includes discussions, workshops and presentations on topics related to LGBTQIA+ identities, experiences, and issues. These may include sensitive or potentially triggering content such as discussions about discrimination, violence and oppression faced by members of the community, mental health struggles, and sensitive personal experiences. We acknowledge that attendees may have different lived experiences and emotional responses to these topics. We encourage attendees to prioritise their emotional well-being and utilize self-care resources as needed throughout the conference. Additionally, we remind all attendees to be respectful and considerate of others, and to prioritize creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that the event may contain images and voices of people who are no longer with us.
  • Sydney WorldPride shows may include strobe lighting, smoke and haze effects, loud music, flash photography, fire effects, pyrotechnics or other theatrical effects.

Human Rights Conference Code of Conduct
Upon registration, all delegates have agreed to abide by the Human Rights Conference Code of Conduct:

Photography and videography without permission is not permitted
As part of the Human Rights Conference Code of Conduct, you agree to respect attendee privacy and will not take photos or videos of participants without their permission. However, please note that media, photographers and videographers will be present onsite so if you wish to remain anonymous at this event, please indicate when prompted in the registration form. Please note that anonymity cannot be guaranteed, but we will put measures in place to minimise the risk of your image being used (e.g. ‘no photos’ lanyards). If you cannot find your registration email or you need help when registering, please contact [email protected].

To download the event map, click here

  • Your registration or ticket email – Please note that registration should be completed before arriving onsite.
  • Valid Photo ID – Sydney WorldPride acknowledges that attendees who are intersex, transgender or gender diverse people may not have accurate forms of identification for a range of reasons. However, we do request that you complete registration prior to arrival and provide a valid form of ID which could be a passport, licence or photo card.
  • Refillable water bottle and coffee cup (no glass)

What not to bring:

  • Food – this event is fully catered.
  • Alcohol or illegal drugs / substances of any kind.
  • Sound or video recorders or cameras with detachable lens (small still cameras are allowed). Flash photography is not permitted.
  • Selfie Sticks/Go-Pro Sticks / Monopods or Tripods.
  • Chairs, folding camping chairs, bean bags, inflatable chairs or lounges, tents, sun shelters, eskies, and hard-cased cooler bags.
  • Prams and baby strollers – baby carriers and slings are recommended. If you do bring a pram, you will need to cloak it in the cloakroom (free of charge).
  • Inflatable balloons or toys.
  • Political, offensive or discriminatory banners, posters, flags or signage made of soft or hard material.
  • Clothing with images or text that is offensive or discriminatory in nature.
  • Drones and or other remote-controlled devices.
  • Megaphones, horns, trumpets, sirens, whistles or any type of noise-making devices.
  • Fireworks, flares or sparklers.
  • Weapons of any kind, including any item that can be used as a projectile.
  • Laser Pointers, permanent marker / felt type pens, scissors or large aerosol canisters.
  • Flyers, stickers or any other promotional material not authorised by Sydney WorldPride.
  • Dogs or other pets (excluding official assistance/service animals, which are accepted)
  • Any other item determined by Sydney WorldPride, the venue, management or artist to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance that would distract, obstruct or interfere with the artist performance, or jeopardise public safety.

For more information, visit the Sydney WorldPride Ticketing Terms and Conditions – click here

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons attending this event, please be advised of the following conditions:

  • You must have a valid ticket or accreditation to enter the event.
  • Any person gaining unauthorised access to this event will be asked to leave the venue.
  • If you leave the site, you will need accreditation to re-enter. You will be given your accreditation onsite when you arrive at the Conference.
  • We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to minors and to intoxicated persons, as per Responsible Service of Alcohol and Harm Minimisation Practices.
  • Session disruption (heckling, grabbing microphones, storming the stage) is strictly prohibited. Patrons engaging in these activities will be removed from the session and could be asked to leave the venue without a refund.
  • Entry is at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by the law, Sydney WorldPride, the venue and artists accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damages caused to patrons or patron property whilst attending the event.
  • You may be filmed or photographed at the event & footage/images may be used, replicated or published by Sydney WorldPride or the artists for promotional & other purposes. If you wish to remain anonymous at the event, please indicate when prompted in the registration form.
  • Disruptive or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Intoxicated or disorderly patrons will be evicted from the venue without a refund.
  • COVID 19: By entering our site, you declare that at the time of entry, you have no symptoms of COVID-19, have not tested positive to COVID-19 and are not required by health authorities to isolate.
  • By using our medical facilities, you consent to Sydney WorldPride having access to your medical records.
  • Sydney WorldPride reserves the right to vary advertised programs and to add, withdraw or substitute presenters where necessary.
  • Any person bearing or wearing gang colours, patches or insignias will not be permitted entry to the event.
  • The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone at Sydney WorldPride is a top priority – this event site is smoke-free.

For more information, visit the Sydney WorldPride Ticketing Terms and Conditions – click here

Below you’ll find all the important information about the facilities offered at the event, including what to expect at the event to help make your experience safer and more enjoyable:

Morning tea, lunch and tea/coffee will be provided for all three-day pass holders. Canapes and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be available to three-day pass holders at the day 1 networking conference reception. To RSVP for the networking reception, please indicate when prompted in the registration form. If you cannot find your registration email or you need help when registering, please contact [email protected]

Food & Beverage
A range of snacks and drinks (including bottled water) will be available for purchase at certain outlets throughout the venue (card payments only).

All Gender toilets (including accessible toilets) can be accessed within the venue. Please see the event map for the location of toilets at the event.

Free Water
There will be many free water coolers at this event. Free water will also be available at all alcohol service points at the Day 1 Reception.

Medical and Peer-based support services are available at this event.
St Johns Medical Team will be onsite at the ICC should you require medical assistance. In addition, a Wellbeing Lounge will be available onsite which will be staffed by peer support workers, as well as Counselling Rooms that will be staffed by counsellors from LGBTQIA+ providers, including ACON, Twenty10 and STARTTS. AUSLAN interpretation and language interpretation via phone will be available for anyone needing counselling.

Free cloaking services will be available at the venue and attendees will need to cloak any items large than A3-size. Please ensure you keep your ticket so you can claim your items at the end of the day. All care but no responsibility is taken for items checked into the cloakroom. Please see the event map for the Cloakroom location.

If you cannot find your ticket, please log into your Moshtix account. Only plenary-only day tickets will be available for purchase on the day.

If you cannot find your registration email or you need help when registering, please contact [email protected]

Public Transport
We strongly encourage all participants to use public transport and to plan your travel before arriving at the event.

Plan your trip at – click here

For more information and travel tips, visit

Make the most of your Sydney WorldPride festival experience with our guide to looking after your health and wellbeing.
Visit the website (click here) for more information on the following topics:

  • Looking after your sexual health
  • Monkeypox (Mpox), Covid-19 and other health issues
  • Sun, water and road safety
  • Mental health services

Visit the Sydney WorldPride website (click here) for more information about local laws and getting help regarding the following topics:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Consent
  • Help in an emergency

NSW Health also have a dedicated Sydney WorldPride health and safety page with invaluable info.
Visit the website – click here

For free help in your language, contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50.

The Human Rights Conference is a carbon neutral event.

To help us minimise our carbon footprint, please:

  • Bring a reusable coffee cup and refillable water bottle (no glass).
  • Catch public transport, car pool, walk or bike ride to the Conference (information on how to travel to the ICC can be found here:
  • Choose your rubbish bin carefully when disposing of waste onsite (bins will be clearly labelled).
  • Consider offsetting your Conference attendance and/or travel to the event. For information on Sydney WorldPride Carbon Offset Program, click here

For more information, visit the Sydney WorldPride Pride Planet Program page – click here


Accessible features available at this event:

  • Accessibile con sedia a rotelle
  • Accessible toilets
  • Accessible drop-off & pick-up points
  • Low-sensory / Quiet space / Wellbeing lounge
  • Mental Health First Aid specialised counselling support
  • Auslan interpretation in all sessions
  • International Sign Language (ISL) interpretation in plenary sessions
  • Open /embedded captions on large screens
  • Assistive hearing technology (infra-red compatible hearing aid capability)
  • Audio description in plenary sessions
  • Officially accreditted therapy and assistance animals are welcome (please ensure that the service animal is displaying their identification badge or medallion)
  • ACON, Twenty10 and STARTTS peer based support services
  • Sunflower lanyard program

Please note: Sydney WorldPride shows may include strobe lighting, smoke and haze effects, loud music, flash photography, fire effects, pyrotechnics or other theatrical effects.

Sydney WorldPride is proud to support the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities Program which is a globally recognised symbol for hidden or non-obvious disabilities. The Sunflower Lanyard enables people with hidden disabilities and conditions the choice to let the people around them know they may need extra support, empathy, understanding or patience. This may mean some wearers cannot stand for a long time in the queue to use the bathroom, may need the use of an accessible bathroom (even if they aren’t a wheelchair or mobility aid user), patience when their order is being taken, may need fast-tracked support, more time to move around (i.e. due to pain or mobility challenges) or can feel overwhelmed, sensory overload or stressed out in large crowds and loud environments.

If you already own a Sunflower lanyard please bring it along and it will be accepted at all SWP events. If you don’t already have one, Sunflower Lanyards will be available onsite at the Human Rights Conference/ICC registration desk – please check the event map for Sunflower Lanyard Pickup locations on site. The lanyard is yours to keep and use during the festival and beyond! Click this link for more information on what the Sunflower Lanyard is and how it may support you.

Companion Cards
People who hold a valid Companion Card will be issued a complimentary ticket when they support a ticketholder with disability. To reserve tickets please contact [email protected] You may be asked to present your Companion Card at the event.

ICC Sydney – Accessibility Provisions
For more information, please visit:

If you have any accessibility requirements, please complete your online registration before the event. If you have not received your registration email, please contact [email protected]

If you have questions regarding the accessible features at this event, please contact our Accessibility Manager via SMS/text at +61 469 850 928 or email [email protected]

An accessible drop-off & pick-up point will be available on Iron Wharf Place, between the Convention Centre and Sofitel Darling Harbour, and provides easy access to the Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Theatre and Exhibition Centre meeting rooms and halls 1, 2, 5 & 6. Please refer to the event map for locations.

ICC Sydney has equitable and step-free access to every conference, exhibition and entertainment venue, including the Convention Centre (where the Human Rights Conference will be hosted). Step free entrances are available at Iron Wharf Place and Woodward Fountain via automatic sliding doors. Internally, elevators to all levels are located on the ground floor to the left of Convention Café or to the right of the Customer Service Desk. For more information about accessible drop-off locations and entries, please visit the ICC website: .

Plan your trip at – click here
Accessible trips are shown in the Trip Planner with the wheelchair icon. You can select “accessible services only” in the Options to ensure you only see accessible services. Only trip plans with accessible train platforms, ferry wharves and buses will be presented. Check accessible travel or download a transport app (select the “Accessibility” filter).

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Riconoscimento del paese

Il Sydney WorldPride si svolgerà nelle terre dei Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Bidjigal, Darug, Dharawal che sono i Custodi Tradizionali del Bacino di Sydney.

Portiamo il nostro rispetto ai loro anziani passati e presenti. Sempre è stata e sempre sarà la terra degli aborigeni.

Gli aborigeni e gli abitanti delle isole dello Stretto di Torres provengono da molti clan e comunità diverse in tutta l'Australia e nel 2023 si riuniranno come uno solo, per celebrare con la nostra comunità globale LGBTQIA+.