"At its core Sydney WorldPride aims to promote and advocate for LGBTIQ+ human rights around the world, while building the capability and capacity of the pride movement more broadly.”

Kate Wickett, Acting CEO, Sydney WorldPride

Sydney WorldPride aims to deliver a memorable, inclusive, successful festival that celebrates every nation, culture and group in the Asia-Pacific region. We want to showcase the talent and rich diversity of this region on a global stage. Sydney WorldPride will help increase global awareness of the persecution, injustice, and oppression of LGBTIQ+ communities throughout this region, fostering long-lasting relationships through the connection of communities in the Asia-Pacfic to the rest of the world.


Over 17 days, Sydney WorldPride will deliver a diverse festival that meets its requirements but exceeds expectations.

Sydney WorldPride is committed to ensuring it is accessible to people of all abilities.

To ensure the dynamic execution of this event, transport, communications, amenities and related services will be optimised for overall comfort and enjoyment of attendees. To utilise accessibility, all possible digital avenues will be explored so that remote audiences can be a part of the celebrations for Sydney WorldPride.

SWP will leverage off SGLMG’s worldclass organisational and logistical skills, as well as its intellectual, legal and administrative expertise as a perpetual contribution to Interpride.