Durex exists to unleash the freedom to be your true sexual self, and fight against shame and stigma. For many years Durex has partnered with Mardi Gras and other Pride festivals around the world, promoting and providing products which raise awareness of sexual health and protect against STIs. 

As a company, Durex’s diversity and inclusion work includes their Stronger Together events, an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, an annual Celebrating Pride Day, and LGBTQ+ History Month sessions. During Australia’s marriage equality campaign, Durex publicly showed its support. Durex has also a partnership program with First Nations communities, providing condoms and sex education.

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原住民和托雷斯海峽島民來自澳大利亞許多不同的氏族和社區,2023年將齊聚一堂,與我們的全球LGBTQIA +社區一起慶祝。