Pride Committee

The Role of the Pride Committee

The Pride Committee aims to provide strategic advice to the Board to help Sydney WorldPride fulfil its commitment to the diversity and inclusion of our LGBTQIA+ communities.

The scope and role of this Committee is to conduct an ongoing diversity and inclusion audit of Sydney WorldPride’s operations, processes and events.

The Pride Committee’s responsibilities include reviewing Sydney WorldPride’s policies and compliance with the relevant laws and policies, as well as its engagement strategy with respect to community stakeholders, including InterPride.

The Committee will also help to coordinate Sydney WorldPride’s interaction and participation at other Pride events directed and approved by the Board, and communicate any community concerns about community involvement, participation and representation in SWP’s engagement programme and events.

Pride Committee Members

Names and pronouns
Jasmina Bajraktarevis-Hayward (she/her)
Eloise Brook (she/her)
Kerry Chin (he/him)
Ben Dowler (he/him)
Dennis Golding (he/him)
Steph Sands (she/her)
Nicholas Steepe (he/him/they)